The Tragic Flaw Of Hero In The Antigone By Sophocles

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Fatal Defect



Purging of emotion through an emotional release.

Tragic ending

Creon is Sophocles’ leader or person in status. After Oedipus and Laius fled, Creon was made the new king at Thebes. He seems to be more concerned about his city’s laws and loyalty than his family. His sister Jocasta, the wife/mother of Oedipus, was the reason he was made king. Creon has the power to honor those in his city who keep the law, and not those who betray it or ignore it. Scene One states that “These principles are mine, at any rate… following the decision concerning the sons Oedipus, made the Eteocles. A man who died fighting for the country, and who was a man as such, is to be interred with full military distinctions… but his older brother Polyneices… who broke his exile, and came back with fire & sword against his hometown… to have his burial.” Creon is the king at Thebes and thus he is the person who has the status of a prince.

Tragic Flaw Creon is a victim of his hubris. Creon is so proud to be himself and his hometown that it becomes difficult to see the flaws in his decisions. As he has said repeatedly, he respects the laws of the city. Polynices was his nephew. He let him rot on public grounds for his betrayal against his city. This play shows the tragic flaw of hubris. He does this to his nephew because it is cruel and wrong. Because of his pride, he wouldn’t even offer a funeral to his nephew. This flaw can lead him to do worse things to non-family members. CrisisAntigone, Creon’s sister and protagonist in the Polynices situation, is Creon’s niece. Her dilemma is whether she should let her brother die or do the right things, which she ends up getting punished for. Creon does not value her family as much as Creon. It was so shocking. … I could not help hearing it. She knew death was coming to her, but she didn’t care as it was right for God’s laws. Creon is in a predicament where he has made two of his loved ones die, leaving one to rot on the streets and the second to be executed. While he may understand that this is not good for his uncle’s reputation, he is clearly more concerned about what he will look like as a King. Antigone’s situation is one where Creon must think about what he wants to happen because Haemon, Antigone’s son, loves him. It is not clear what law he created but it is certain that his fate is death.

Reversal Of Fortune: Antigone is putting Creon in a crisis and he must consider the consequences. Although his decision may not directly affect him as the king, someone will definitely be affected. Creon is presently pursuing Antigone’s murder, but Haemon his son will make a change. Creon and Haemon argue over Antigone. Haemon believes that his son has lost control of the woman, and that he values only his father’s happiness and success. But what is wrong? They managed to have a productive conversation. Antigone would be allowed to live until her death, but she would still remain in prison. Creon later learns from Teiresias, that while all men make errors, only those who are honest with themselves can fix the wrong. Creon claims pride is the only crime. However, Creon refused to yield. To add, this unfortunately leads to Haemon’s death as he murders his own niece and two sons.

Creon started to feel emotion and even cried. However, Creon continued to feel helpless and questioned the other burdens he could have. He was the tragic hero of the play and was told about his wife’s death. He was stunned when he realized what had happened. He was so stunned that he couldn’t believe it. He was really devastated. Technically, I would not see the sun once again.” His life was finished, but it was technically his fault. He was proud of his role as king, and he only cared about his city, its laws, and his people.

Self-discoveryAfter Creon’s death, he realized his tragic flaw: his hubris. It mockingly led directly to the destruction of Creon and his family. He spent so much time trying not to be Thebes’ greatest king. His discovery has the good side: he admits his wrongdoing and accepts it as a fact. I am the only one guilty. It is something I am aware of and it is what I have to say. Lead me in …” After acknowledging that the deaths occurred due to his negligence, he decides to end himself. Then he realizes that all of his pride has only made his thoughts dust.

CatharsisNo one wants to see their family suffer, even if they were the ones who caused it. Creon may not be the best uncle or father, but family is family regardless. He didn’t notice the fact that all his tragedies were coming to an end in a flash. He understood the words and speech of Teiresias to him. He realized that it was too late. However, he is now feeling more alone than ever. Is there no one who will give me a hand? After the many tragedies that have befallen these kings in Thebes, it seems like they were cursed. The problem seems to be man’s laws. Because he was so proud to obey them, he did not care much about God’s laws. This sounds like a curse that can only be pronounced by those who offend the Gods. Creon was not able to accept the curse, but the messenger stated that it was upon him for both their deaths.

Tragic Finale Creon is left alone and miserable. He wishes death would immediately punish him. He wishes he had listened and obeyed the Gods. His pride was so large that it consumed so much of his time that he couldn’t spend any time with those he loved. Creon, who was stubborn, eventually learned something. ” …. Submission to the gods is the only way to wisdom. Big words are always punished. Wise men in old age learn how to be wise.” Although he did not end the world, he became wiser after experiencing the terrible events that he had to endure.


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