Literary Review Of The Book ‘The Hobbit’: Personal Views And Recommendations

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is an English writer who wrote 27 books. The most popular of these were “The Hobbit” and the “Lord of the Rings” series. Both of these have had movie adaptations. His writing has earned him 13 awards. Tolkien, born 3 January 1892, died 2 September 1973. In addition to being a writer and a professor of English, he specialised in Old and Middle English. Many of his published works show this writing style.

George Allen and Unwin was the first publisher to publish The Hobbit. Tolkien illustrated the version in black and white. The original 1500 copies were sold out in December. The Hobbit is now available in many different languages. It has become an international classic.

The Hobbit, set in Middle Earth’s fantasy world, follows the lives and adventures of hobbits. These imaginary people are very similar to humans, though slightly smaller. Bilbo, Gandalf and their adventures are the focus of the book. Bilbo was not interested in adventures. He preferred a peaceful, everyday life, including gardening. Bilbo did not want to go on an adventure with Gandalf, who wanted him to explore the treasures that were guarded by Smaug the dragon. Bilbo became interested in the treasures after Gandalf convinced him and gave him a glimpse of what they might be.

Bilbo, as he overcomes the difficulties he faces, discovers another side to himself. In his quest to find the legendary Treasure, Bilbo’s newly-found bravery and self-confidence saved him countless times. Bilbo’s courage and confidence helped him on many occasions as he searched for the legendary treasure. The fact that he is unable to complete his mission does not discourage him. He continues the treacherous quest. The book is a symbol of how people will and can change, but it also stresses the importance to stay true to yourself and your morals.

The book is full of characters, mystery and danger. The Hobbit is a fast-paced adventure that takes readers through mountains, forests, and even into the world of dragons. It’s a book for all ages, but it may be difficult to read by younger audiences. But it does tell a fantastic story, without all the (sometimes overwhelming) complexity and detail found in Tolkien’s previous books.

Highlights of the book are numerous, from the morals, meanings, and journeys of the characters, to the sheer joy, engagement, and interaction between the audience and book. The book’s most appealing aspect is, for me, the relationship formed between the author and audience. One can feel like they are part of the story by reading it. The Hobbit makes readers yearn for Bilbo to accompany them on their journeys. The Hobbit, like any good book,’shows not tells’. It is one of my favorite books because it is engaging, interesting, and yet not too descriptive.

It was difficult for some readers to comprehend the style of writing, and this is particularly true for younger audiences. This made the book a bit longer to read in comparison with other books that are popular among teenagers.

I recommend this book to secondary schoolers who are interested in fantasy, adventure and enjoy reading slowly. The book is 9 out 10 because the descriptions are sometimes tedious, but they are well written. This could be a positive aspect, as it makes the reader read the book carefully and pay attention to small changes.


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