Meet The Student Running An Online Magazine With A Difference

Fashion and lifestyle blogs often lack insightful writing about important issues, but Into the Fold stands out from the crowd. While many blogs focus on perfectly arranged dressing tables and glamorous lives, this online magazine tackles challenging topics facing young women and students. Launched in July of last year, the publication features opinion pieces, personal experiences, fashion tips, advice on London living, and travel content. The writers discuss deeply personal struggles such as exercise addiction and mental health issues, as well as wider societal topics like marginalization based on skin color. Many of the contributors to the site are students who also run their own blogs and YouTube channels.

Camilla Ackley, a 19-year-old philosophy student at Bristol University, founded Into the Fold after becoming disillusioned with mainstream fashion blogging. Her studies led her to question why media was often making women feel like they were doing things wrong, from how they looked to how they acted on dates. Ackley was inspired by the compassion and sensitivity of American online magazine Rookie, which is known for handling issues faced by young women with care. She admires founder Tavi Gevinson, who is also her age.

Running an online magazine is no easy feat, especially while also attending university. Ackley utilizes a variety of skills, including writing, editing, photography, commissioning, and creating a business plan. Managing time effectively is key, as it is easy to get sucked into internet distractions and let one’s social life suffer. On a typical day, Ackley publishes an article in the morning and schedules social media posts. She works on university coursework from nine to five and then tends to magazine business in the evenings. Ackley collaborates with many different brands that wish to market to young women, but doesn’t work with brands she wouldn’t use herself.

Starting Into the Fold has allowed Ackley to meet intelligent people she may not have encountered otherwise and has taught her valuable time management skills. She hopes the site will eventually become her full-time job and that she can put together a team of contributors. Ackley encourages other young people who are unhappy with the way their generation is portrayed in media to start their own online ventures and share their voices and opinions.


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