The Art Of Holding A Student House Party

Different students have varying ideas of what constitutes a great party. Grown-up students prefer getting tipsy at their monthly book club gatherings, while postgraduates consider an intellectually-stimulating pub conversation over superstring theory more enticing. On the other hand, undergraduates equate a successful party as one where they end up donning peculiar outfits and losing important belongings such as mobile phones, clothes, sanity, and even virginity, after drinking an array of brightly-colored cocktails and passing out on someone else’s floor.

An important aspect that contributes to an enjoyable party is the number of guests present. Otherwise, the event would be an awkward and lonely gathering at a corner table in a deserted pub. Therefore, it is essential to spread the word using social media platforms like Facebook. However, care must be taken to ensure the privacy of the party details to avoid unwanted guests flying in from faraway places.

To guarantee a turnout, a few reliable friends must be convinced to attend the party. They should be willing to show up regardless of other commitments or whether a football game or cooler party is happening elsewhere. Usually, this tactic ensures a minimum of three attendees, although it may be reduced to two during popular matches.

Announcing the party on social media leads to inevitable attendance. However, it’s vital to let the neighbors know in advance and even invite them to the event. After all, any guest, even the ones who crack open a beer and tune into a game on the host’s TV, would contribute to the party vibe.

Come up with a simple yet creative theme to provide a talking point for guests. The theme must not be too intimidating as guests may shy away from attending. For instance, "come dressed in a toga" is better than "come as your favorite Greek philosopher." Please refrain from making the theme "drunk and disorderly."

Crisps or chips are acceptable food options as guests rarely remember the party for its exquisite canapés. However, it would be best to focus on providing unlimited drinks. Contact a friend of a friend who’s registered at Cash and Carry and stock up on drinks. Neither cost nor responsibility should be a worry; this is a party! Lots of disposable ashtrays ought to be provided for smokers, and sufficient VAT should be factored in during purchase.

A party is nothing without music. Request a part-time DJ using the same network, and make sure all valuable items are stashed away safely in a locked room or a trustworthy friend’s house.

When the task of arranging the party becomes too daunting to bear, it is natural to question its worth. Nobody in their right mind would choose to throw a party themselves rather than attend someone else’s. However, if all else fails, there’s always the monthly book club to fall back on.


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